Whether you are restoring your heritage home or building a new home and looking for features that will make it stand well apart from the ordinary, Tradition Stained Glass has a solution to meet your requirements.

Because our business is steeped in heritage, you can select from very diverse and distinctive leaded, faceted, hand painted, or sculptured gold windows that are unsurpassed.

Our broad and deep expertise, resources, and commitment will help you tell the story that you want others to see and feel. 

Tradition Stained Glass is renown for unsurpassed beauty, unrivalled quality, unmatched craftsmanship blending tradition and style for your home.

Whether it be for windows, doors or featured glass artworks for interior or exterior locations you can choose from a wide range of heritage and contemporary designs in stained glass, leadlights or fused glass.

09 Bedroom Stained Glass Window

At Tradition Stained Glass we deliver a truly unique product that will be sure to inspire the most discerning clientele. 

Stained Glass Windows

There may be no greater design piece in a home than antique, new or vintage windows, each a portal through which light enters a space. Natural light is the ultimate accessory to any room, especially when it enhances your other items, bouncing off their surfaces.

From stained glass in churches to industrial and warehouse styles, windows have always presented a grand opportunity to transform a space. And they have changed over the years. Antique arts and crafts windows are layered with an array of complex colours that manipulate the light that flows through them. These windows provide an eclectic yet classic aesthetic with abstract patterns, mosaic tints and arched panels.

The craftsmanship of wooden panel windows has an air of the traditional style of the East. Rustic oak shutters and Persian carved panels present an intricate technique and artistry appreciated by sight and touch.

Industrial-style windows of the 1920s to the ’50s typically paired geometric patterns with metal frames. This window style emerged in home decor as a result of the residential repurposing of former manufacturing and warehouse districts.

By the 21st century, windows were less ornate in their designs, touting a more uniform panel layout. Still, you can find modernist windows that add a touch of artful vigour with eye-catching colours and designs you don’t see every day.

Recent Projects

The Sand Castle City Beach

The Sand Castle City Beach

This iconic home is in a class all its own and stands out well from the crowd. This magnificent home was the brain child of owner Tani Richards and this project took many years of blood sweat and tears to create. TSG was lucky enough to be involved in restoring a 13 century ecclesiastical stained…