Within the architectural art glass fraternity Traditional Stained Glass are leaders in artistic design and quality of craftsmanship.

With many years in research and development as glass artists we have created a unique system for illuminating our works of art evolving our own individual take on fused glass and artificial lighting.

Proving that the stained glass industry is not the medieval workshop one might think of, Traditional Stained Glass have the ability to create unique one off, large, fully fused and laminated sheets of kiln formed glass to any design and style with an infinite array of colour choices and blends.

We are renowned for our specialist work on large projects in the art glass world. For custom-designed solutions and cutting edge techniques in art glass manufacturing look no further than TSG Artists in Glass – where art has been crafted for over a century. 

We are an award winning team of stained glass artists with all the experience required to tackle the largest of commissions.

The artists and craftspeople we have are some of the best in the world. We have a true passion for creating stunning pieces of art glass, which shows in the close attention to detail.

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My love for the industry has taken me all over the world and my visits to America and Canada, and recently Hong Kong and Macau, have been truly inspiring. I have been to some of the largest glass suppliers in the world, including Spectrum Glass in Seattle, Washington, as well as Bullseye Glass and Urobourus Glass companies in Oregon.

These travels have enabled me to gain knowledge on the latest advances in art glass, and also view first-hand the modern techniques in production and conceptual art forms within our industry.

Kim Fitzpatrick
Master Art
Glass Craftsman

Glass Art Elements

Glass Inserted Retro Surfboard Display 

A new and innovative design combining all the elements of nature from the water to the hot sands of the desert. We have combined nature into natural art.

Bringing back the look of early surfing with spiral and retro inlays, a feature for any home that wants the coastal feel and that standout piece of West Australian artwork.

TSG are internationally recognised contemporary stained glass artists.

Fused Glass

From the earliest known origins of fused kiln formed glass in Egypt, TSG have been evolving and redefining the boundaries of architectural fused glass techniques for over 110 years. 

TSG’s highly creative team of artisans and craftsmen are now producing, for the first time, large singular fully fused and laminated panels for installations around custom designed pools and illuminated wall art pieces for alfresco areas in homes as well as front entry door panels and stairwell windows. 

At TSG we provide unrivalled creativity in design and application and offer a complete in house service from design through to installation. Let our team show you how easy it is to have one of our unique art glass works installed into your home or Business. 


Glass Inlaid in Wood

Our new innovative wall art series mixes elements of solid wood and glass

To add stunning illumination to each piece of glass art we also integrate the latest in LED technology.

We deliver a truly unique product that will be sure to inspire the most discerning clientele.

Our wood and glass art works are inspired by nature with natural colours and hues.

By mixing the mediums of glass and wood TSG creates illuminated wall art that is visually stunning and totally unique. 

Formal Entry Glass Showcase Stairwells 

To stand out from the crowd you need something outstanding.

TSG art glass delivers unsurpassed beauty, unrivalled quality, unmatched craftsmanship blending tradition and style.

TSG Artists in Glass create artistic and architectural stained glass and leadlight installations for churches and corporate, individuals and businesses, the hotel and entertainment industry, and government bodies.

The casinos in WA, Macau and Mobillia in Dubai are only a few of our customers. We are renowned for our specialist work on large projects in the art glass world.

For custom-designed solutions and cutting edge techniques in art glass manufacturing look no further than TSG Artists in Glass – where art has been crafted for over a century. 

Glass Art Corporate Giftware

Corporate gift-giving can create a strong connection between two parties in a professional relationship.

Gifts can be given in many situations including;

  • Earl contact with an important prospect (especially an international prospect or one from a differing culture)
  • As a way of saying thanks to an important client
  • As recognition to employees / executives within the business
  • To mark events of personal significance such as the birth of a child, weddings, retirement etc…
  • Company events or prizes for over-achievement

The recipient of the gift will know that their business or their contribution is appreciated driving brand or employee loyalty.

Your gift has the power to position your business at the forefront of the mind of your client in situations where it many have been sometime since your last interaction.

At TSG our glass art is a popular corporate gift due to the fact that it is a once-off personalised item that cannot be replicated.

02 Corporate Gift Glass Art

Glass art looks great and delivers a professional image for your business to those that you value the most.