At Tradition Stained Glass we have a long and successful history working with commercial stained glass, leadlight and glass art projects.

We have completed projects for;-

Because our business is steeped in heritage, you can select from very diverse and distinctive leaded, faceted, hand painted, or sculptured stained, leadlight or fused glass solutions.

Our broad and deep expertise, resources, and commitment will help you tell the story that you want others to see and feel. 

Tradition Stained Glass is renown for unsurpassed beauty, unrivalled quality, unmatched craftsmanship blending tradition and style for your commercial project.

Whether it be for windows, doors or featured glass artworks for interior or exterior locations you can choose from a wide range of heritage and contemporary designs in stained glass, leadlights or fused glass.

At Tradition Stained Glass we deliver a truly unique product that will be sure to inspire the most discerning clientele. 

We are an award winning team with all the experience required to tackle the largest of commissions.

The artists and craftspeople we have are some of the best in the world. We have a true passion for creating stunning pieces of art glass, which shows in the close attention to detail. We will produce, not just a window with colour, but a unique window of illuminating light and textural distinction!

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Why Choose Tradition Stained Glass for Your Project?

The high quality of our engineering, structure & reinforcing is part of all of our stained glass windows & is essential to their longevity.

This is one of the reasons we have been able to provide our clients, over generations, with the highest quality of stained glass windows.

Our expertise for more than 110 years has provided architects, contractors, institutions, homeowners and the religious community with a professional and reliable staff of artisans to guide you through any of your Stained & Leaded Glass window projects.

From stained glass in churches to industrial and warehouse styles, windows have always presented a grand opportunity to transform a space. And they have changed over the years.

We always stand by our work and have been serving the religious and landmark building community since 1908. Our past work and references speak for themselves;-

  • Parliament of Western Australia
  • Crown Casino
  • St Simon Peters church
  • St.Johns
  • Catholic Education Head Office
  • and many more…

We always look out for the best interest of our clients and integrity and longevity of the stained glass windows and we freely share our knowledge with our clients including which is the best method to approach a project and why.

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