History of the Hall

284 Bagot Road, Subiaco is of some local significance as a representative example of an early inter-war house that was adapted and extended as part of the gentrification of Subiaco, and the emerging appreciation of its heritage character, in the 1970s-1980s.

In this instance it is likely that the extensive works undertaken in the late 1980s saved the place from demolition.

The documentary evidence suggests that 284 Bagot Road was constructed in c.1918 for the owner, Hannah (known as Anna) Lay (the proprietor of a nearby confectionary store), and her husband, Walter (a builder).

It was initially occupied by short-term tenants, before the Lay family moved into the house in c.1920. Walter and Anna continued to live here until c.1949, although by 1934 the house had been subdivided into two residences, with 284a being occupied for about seven years by their daughter Melba and her husband David Bruce.

Despite their long occupation of a relatively large house in the centre of Subiaco, there were few references to the Lay family in the local papers, indicating that they did not take a prominent role in local social events or politics.

In 1952, 284 Bagot Road was sold to a Subiaco business owner and baker, Constantine Kalafatas, and his wife, Maria. Following Constantine’s retirement they resided at 284a until their deaths in 1964 and 1957 respectively, after which the property was transferred to the ownership of their daughter, Evangelia.

It was next sold in 1968 to a Mrs Winifred Vincent and entered into a colourful period of its history, being operated as an unregistered boarding house for “drunks and all manner of lost causes”.

By the time it was next sold, in 1983, the place had been declared unfit for human habitation and was at risk of demolition.

In c.1987, major renovations and extensions were undertaken by the new owner, Peter Radosevich, and it was at this time that the place was renamed Totterdell Hall (which appears to have been based on a mistaken belief that the Totterdell family, who were prominent builders and community members, were amongst the original owners).

It was at this time that the front stair was removed and a battlemented tower constructed “to make the entrance more grand”.

Front Entry Door

Front Entry Door

3 Lite Door

3 Lite Door Detail