Personal email received

We were delighted with the stained-glass front door and sidelight panels which Kim designed and manufactured for us. They replaced a very plain frosted glass combination and became a central feature of the Federation house. Great creativity and service.

Many thanks


Michael |17 May 2022

Personal email received

We absolutely love the windows!

We also wanted to comment on how pleased we were with the professionalism of your staff. We have worked with so many tradies recently and yours were wonderful. It is certainly appreciated.


Elyse and Hannah

Elyse and Hannah |17 Feb 2022

Personal email received

Hi Kim – Mark just installed our glass – it is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

Thank you for all your hard work, it is very appreciated. The glass turned out beautifully.

Kait Borrello

Kait Borello | 17 Sep 2021

Personal email received

Hi Kim,

Mark has just finished the job. Looks fantastic, you guys have done a great job. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!


Jan Skrapac | 09 Sep 2021

Personal email received

The repaired leadlights look amazing. Thanks once again for completing such a beautiful repair job.



Restoration stained glass front entry.

Paul | Aug 2021

Personal email received

We absolutely adore our new windows! They have turned out so well and look absolutely stunning. Kim and Simon did a wonderful job and I cannot thank them enough!! Simon took some photos this morning so Kim can see them installed and I’m sure he will be very pleased with the end result, as we are.

We will recommend your business to everyone we know as we have had such a great experience.

Thanks again,

Ainslie Robinson | 23 July 2020

Google review 5 ****Stars

Fantastic job of replacing the lead light glass in our one off cabinet . Kim suggested a new design , Art Deco style as per our request and executed it magnificently ! Thankyou

Sally Woods| 28 May 2020

Personal email received

We absolutely LOVE our new stained glass window in the front door. It is so so beautiful. I was happy and satisfied with the whole process of design, service and installation.

Thank you so much, we would recommend you highly to all our friends.

Thank you,

Zoe Wozniak | 28 May 2020

Google review 5 ****Stars

Great, friendly and prompt service. Would use again!

Leah | 26 May 2020

Personal email received

Hi Tanya,

Please pass on my many thanks to Kim and Simon! I’m very happy to have my sparkling beautifully repaired window back in place!

Kind regards,

Gail Allen

Gail Allen | 21 May 2020

Google review 5 ****Stars

Excellent Service and quality leadlight! Highly recommend.

Diana Moon | 20 May 2020

Google review 5 ****Stars

excellent quality, we were very thrilled with our door

Leah Beesley |20 May 2020

Personal email received.

Hi Kim,

I wanted to write and say thank you for my beautiful stained glass window. A special thanks to both you and Simon for tweaking the corners with the rose squares that we had talked about.

I had forgotten about the new window and when I got up the following morning and walked past the front door I had a “wow” moment. I love my new window very much.

Kind regards,



Jesse | 17 May 2020

Google review 5 ****Stars

Great service and passion for the work, very pleased with the quality finished window. Thanks

Rebecca Cutter | 08 May 2020

Personal email received.

5 ****Stars

I am extremely happy with the porthole you created for my home.
Your ideas & vision excellent.
Quality craftsmanship, prompt & highly skilled service by Kim & the installer.
Highly recommend….

Kings regards

Christine | 07 May 2020

Personal email received.

Just thought I’d touch base and reiterate how happy we are with our stained glass windows – one of the best parts of our renovations! I do recall Kim saying that he might like to take a photo once the bathrooms were finished which happened late last year. You are very welcome to come and do that if you still wish to do so. Let us know and we could make a day and time.

Kind regards

Julianne | 05 May 2020

Personal email received.

Hi Kim,

I am very pleased with the porthole you made for me.
The end product has turned out better than I could have dreamed.
I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, but did not think I could adequately communicate to you all the nuances.
But to my delight, you picked up on every aspect and added some of your own creative ideas which were spot on for my liking.

Thankyou very much Kim for your excellent work.

I won’t hesitate to request your services again whenever I need a special lead light /stained glass creation.

I am having the door and porthole installed next Monday by Rob the Installer, and I will be sure to send you a photo when completed.

Kind regards,


Bob | 05 May 2020

Personal email received.

I absolutely adore our stained glass window on our front door. Its even more beautiful than I imagined, thank you so much! All I provided you with was a blurry magazine clipping and its exactly what I wanted.

Thank you again.

Kind regards

Teigan | 05 May 2020

Personal email received.

I was so impressed with the job it looks just as it was, plus the guy that came out to replace the window was so professional and polite.


Donna August | 11 Mar 2020

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing. Kim helped draw a great design. Took his time to do it just right and delivered and helped install for free! Couldn’t be more appreciative of his services. Thanks! Window looks great!

Stained Glass Porthole

Stained Glass Porthole

Matt Timmins | 07 Mar 2020

Personal email received.

“We recently used TSG Artists in Glass to transfer 2 bevelled leadlight panels onto new doors. We found their service to be extremely professional, prompt and friendly.
The new doors look beautiful and its thanks to the manufacturer and TSG Artists in Glass’s co-operation that made this process seamless. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to future clients.”

Best Wishes
Mr & Mrs Sardinha

Mr & Mrs Sardinha | 06 Mar 2020

Personal email received.

Hi Kim and Chris,

Thanks to all for the installation of the doors.
The installation went smoothly and the doors look even better than we dared hope for.
Keep the plans for the frames and the doors somewhere safe as hopefully it won’t be too long before we take out the adjacent window and do the same thing.

Best wishes,
Leah and Dan

Leah & Dan | 17 Feb 2020

Personal email received.

Hi Tanya

Many thanks. Very happy with the finished product, looks great.

Kind regards


Before - Lloyd Lloyd - After Lloyd - close IMG_20200117_123401

Andrea | 21 Jan 2020

Personal email received.

Hi Kim and Simon

Thank you for the wonderful service – prompt, efficient, skilled – awesome!

Kind regards


Art Deco Leadlight

Robyn | 22 Nov 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Very friendly, helpful staff. Product was top quality, made a stained glass front door insert window which matched perfectly to the other door of the entry set. Highly recommend this company.

Andrew Hudson | 13 Nov 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

We were thrilled when Traditional Stained Glass and Leadlights transformed our front entry several years ago. They listen to what we wanted had great suggestions creating a real statement entrance to our cottage. However, during renovations last year the lead light in our front door was we phoned Kim to see if they could fix it. We couldn’t have been happier with the service. They came out and blanked off the space whilst the repairs were being done and the repaired lead light was fitted quickly. We would highly recommend Traditional Stained Glass and Leadlights for both new work or repairs on existing glass.

Y E | 29 Oct 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

What an excellent company to deal with. These people take pride in their work and it shows. I have had leadlight doors and windows made, renewed and repaired by them. They really do a wonderful job.

Philip Sarich | 29 Oct 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic service, quick to respond to complete the job onsite in a short time frame. Will continue to use your company for all my home lead lighting needs!

Amanda Sale | 29 Oct 2019

Personal email received.

Hi Tanya,
Thanks again, the glass repair you guys completed had been that way for AGES as we didn’t know there were businesses like yours that could fix it. It now looks brand new. Thanks so much.
Have a great week!

Deb | 03 Oct 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

I can’t recommend Tradition Stained Glass highly enough. All staff were super friendly, prompt in responding to my questions and the job was done perfectly in great time. Thanks so much!

Deborah Baker | 02 Oct 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

We had a stained glass panel from our front door repaired recently and we are so impressed by the quality of the work. Customer service was spot on and we would highly recommend!

Louise Flaherty | 01 Oct 2019

Personal email received.

I would just like to express my gratitude and delight for my new window. I simply love it. It’s fabulous.

Kind regards,


Julia Mary | 27 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Tradition Stained Glass and Leadlights Pty. Ltd., were fantastic in boarding up the window that was going to be repaired. They carefully removed the window and then worked with us in helping us change the colours of the window. The result was very pleasing. I would recommend their services to anyone who treasures their lead light windows.

Matilda Dolan | 27 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding customer service and products. Highly recommended.

Richard Dalton @ Interstruct | 17 Sep 2019

TSG Artists in Glass restored a set of zinclite doors, and a large window for us. We genuinely couldn’t be happier with the result. In the past 9 months since they were installed, we’ve found ourselves just taking some time to go and admire them, on a very regular basis! The results are absolutely stunning, and we really enjoy looking at them. We appreciated Simon’s professional approach; his thoughtful, clear explanations were really helpful, and the quality of work superb. Simon warned us that the restoration work we needed would be expensive, but our feeling has long been that the price was much smaller than the value we received. We have several more sets of zincite doors and windows in our home, and are looking forward to having TSA bring them back to their former glory!

Many thanks,


Sharon | 16 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

These guys took us through he entire process of concept, design, manufacture and installation giving good advice all along the way. And the result is beautiful. Highly recommended.

Howard Golden | 14 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

TSG did a fantastic job in repairing our leadlight window after it was damaged following a break-in. Their service was prompt and their workmanship was exceptional. Thanks TSG!

Robyn Lewis | 14 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

very happy with the stained glass panels Kim and Tanya supplied for our refurbished entrance doors. Service from design to manufacture first class.

Allan Gomm | 14 Sep 2019

Personal email received.

Thanks Tanya.

We are very happy with the final result. Kim and team have done a fantastic job.

Kind regards

Professor Julianne Reid | 10 Sep 2019

Personal email received.

Hi Kim

The Windows and door look absolutely wonderful and we are very happy with them.
Thanks so much for doing such a great job.


Billie Chellew | 6 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

The whole process from measure to install was very professional and the final product was fantastic, just what we had envisioned. The client absolutely loved the way Traditional Stain Glass matched their family owned heirloom to their new front door. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company. Tony Bremner Pembroke London Homes

Tony Bremner @ Pembroke London Homes | 1 Sep 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Very attentive service and an excellent product

Jim Anderson | 30 Aug 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

If any of our customers are looking for stained glass, leadlite, fused glass or restoring old leadlite we always recommend Tradition Stained Glass. They do an amazing job with great customer service. It is always a pleasure working on a project with Tradition Stained Glass there work compliments our to produce a stunning flawless result that customers love.

The Fremantle Door & Window Company | 19 Aug 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

A very professional company with a wide range of designs; they also provide individual designs. The stain glass and lead light artisan, Kim, is very experienced and highly regarded in this field. Kim has worked on many well known buildings both in Australia and over seas. Restoration is also a key element of TSG’s services.

Barrie Howe | 16 Aug 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Thrilled with the restoration of our bathroom window, it looks beautiful and tradition stained glass were a pleasure to deal with.

IMG_20190815_102307 (1) compressed

Teresa Hyde | 16 Aug 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

True craftsman with the skills and artistic talent to create beautiful stained glass/lead light panels. The team made a replacement panel for me to replace one that was damaged and it was a carbon copy of the original.

Evan Hicks | 16 Aug 2019

Personal email received.

Dear Kim, thanks so very much for the wonderful work you have done with my new glass windows.

I really love them and will cherish them forever.

I have really been impressed with your company, with the kindness and professionalism of all your staff, and Simon did an amazing job installing the windows today, so thank you very much.

I will most certainly be recommending your business to friends and family.

Thanks a lot

Carolyn Gale

Carolyn Gale | 15 Aug 2019

Personal email received.

My Stained glass windows which were slightly broken and warped, now look like new. Tradition Stained Glass were efficient, worked co-operatively with the other tradesmen involved and did a superb job of restoring my windows.


Andie Holborn | 9 Aug 2019

Personal email received.

Re: stained glass front entry set

Hi Kim,

Thanks very much for your excellent work with our front entrance. The improvement is indescribable as evident in the attached photos.

We absolutely love watching the colours and textures change throughout the day. I am sure we will continue to enjoy your artwork for many years to come.

With deep gratitude.

Justin & Helena


Justin & Helena Robertson | 5 May 2019

Google Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5

Corporate Gift Ware testimonial:

“For the best and most unique corporate thank you gifts, you cannot go past the beautiful hand crafted bowls from Traditional Stained Glass lead by master craftsman Kim Fitzpatrick.”


Tom Murrell – 8M Media Communications | 24 May 2019

Facebook Recommendation: Thomas AC Murrell recommends Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth.

For the best and most unique corporate thank you gifts, you cannot go past the beautiful hand crafted bowls from Traditional Stained Glass lead by master craftsman Kim Fitzpatrick.

Tom AC Murrell | 24 May 2019

A personal testimonial follows:

“We engaged with TSG to initially look at repairing some stained glass. Over a short period of time Kim struck up a strong rapport and was able to offer more assistance and guidance than we thought possible. In the end we elected to commission a new set of windows, and I am glad we did. Kim listened to our requirement in both style and budget and was able to design a set of windows which enhances our house more than we could have possibly wished for. It has become a highlight of our house renovation and an incredibly worthwhile investment. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in engaging with proper craftsmen and producing something special which will be enjoyed for years to come”

Regards Michael

Tomasz Stained Glass Front Entry

Michael Tomazs| 15 April 2019

Facebook recommendation; Mandy Kuba recommends Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth.

I had some existing leadlights repaired & restored and some beautiful new windows designed and installed by Simon & Kim. Wow! What a fantastic job, so happy, love my new windows and such lovely service. Highly recommend TSG.

Mandy Kuba | 6 April 2019

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your work in both repairing the old glass and matching the new. It’s beyond my wildest dreams!

Will definitely recommend your company to everyone!

Thanks again,

Leadlight Front Entry

Rebecca Gardiner | 21 March 2019

Facebook Recommendation: Debby Cunico recommends Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth.

Kim made an amazing cross for my late husbands memorial site. So professional and helpful highly recommend.

Debby Cunico | 19 March 2019

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Clarke Custom Homes has used Tradition Stained Glass on multiple projects. Their quality and customer service is second to none and I highly recommend them.

Ron Clarke | Feb 2019

True Local Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Kim and Simon from Tradition Stained Glass have created a glorious front door window and surrounds. I am absolutely gob-smacked by the beauty of the glass masterpiece they have created. Simon helped us with the design and choice of glass colours so that we got exactly what we were hoping for. I will recommend them to as many people as possible.Their business has been running for a hundred years and the tradition has passed down through three generations. I can’t thank them enough for their wonderful craftmanship. It has added a lot of value to our home and I will continue every day to feel the joy I felt the first time I saw the result. We cant thank-you enough.

Tango10 | Feb 2019

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Great Business With Beautiful Products And Fantastic Service
Very professional. They have been working with glass for over 110yrs and it shows. Exceptional service and products.

✔ Yes, I recommend this business

Kim French | Jan 2019

Kim and Simon from Tradition Stained Glass have created a glorious front door window and surrounds.

I am absolutely gob-smacked by the beauty of the glass masterpiece they have created. Simon helped us with the design and choice of glass colours so that we got exactly what we were hoping for. I will recommend them to as many people as possible.Their business has been running for a hundred years and the tradition has passed down through three generations. I can’t thank them enough for their wonderful craftmanship. It has added a lot of value to our home and I will continue every day to feel the joy I felt the first time I saw the result. We cant thank-you enough.

Penny and Peter.


Penny & Peter McGlynn | 25 April 2018

Hi Kim,

Thanks so much to you and Simon for the exceptional service and quality of the repair job. You came recommended to me and I will certainly be recommending you to others.

Kind regards,



Kate Offer | 14 December 2017

Facebook Recommendation: Jenny Wallace reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 4 star

We had a great experience using Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth after our leadlight door cracked during a storm. They were quick to return my call, quick to arrange removal & replacing it & we are really please with the result. Thanks specifically to Simon for his work throughout. Get in touch with these guys if you need anything!

Jenny Wallace | 15 Nov 2017

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Tradition Stained Glass produces amazing works of art in glass. Highly recommended for their stained glass projects as well as their art pieces. TSG has generations of experience in producing incredible stained glass. Kim’s restoration work has been truly exceptional.

Wayne Jeffrey – Jamel Wrought Iron | 8 Nov 2017

Hi Kim

The new ‘old’ door looks just beautiful! Thank you so much for matching the glass so beautifully.  We are really thrilled.

Wendy & Jerome

Wendy & Jerome

Wendy & Jerome

Wendy & Jerome Wisniewski | 26 October 2017

Dear Kim & Simon

The stained glass that you designed and created for me gave me exactly what I wanted and more and that the professionalism of your company was exemplary,



Alan Marshall | 21 August 2017

Dear Kim

I wish to thank you for your prompt service. We appreciated your honesty and the support you gave us in being able to  match the glass to be replaced. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone one we know.

Kind regards


Simon Reid


Freshwater Bay Primary

Cnr Bayview Tce and Princess Rd

Claremont WA 6010

Ph: 9384 0293


Simon Reid | 21 August 2017

Facebook: Elly Spillekom reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

An amazing job by Simon and Kim to repair our beautiful Art Deco Dutch Stained glass panel so it will be again an eye catcher in our Australian/ Dutch home!

Elly Spillekom | 11 August 2017

Hi Kim,

Simon fitted the windows today as arranged. I would like to say they look fantastic, Sam and I are very pleased with them.  From the design, choice of glass and fit out, we found you guys to be very professional and experts in your field. Simon was confident and obviously experienced in what he does, a credit to your company.

To me looking at the windows now is like looking at a bit of artwork. You guys have made a real feature of these windows which were otherwise quite boring to look at.

Once the weather is better I’ll take some photos and send them through. I also would like to apologise for getting the measurements wrong, Simon was able to work around it and it wasn’t a drama.

Thanks again.

Shane and Samantha

pics 1

Samantha & Shane Rhodes | 26 July 2017

The leadlight door is beautiful, and last night with the hall light behind it looked really lovely with all the different textures of glass.

Kind regards

Pam Moran

Pam Moran | 28 April 2017

Facebook: Jennie Berliner reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

I was after a piece of stained glass to put into my ensuite. TSG had the exact thing I was looking for. The glass they had in their showroom was amazing & the staff were very friendly & helpful. I’d recommend them to anyone & have already had a client of my husbands purchase some glass from TSG. I’ll be back for more!!

Jennie Berliner | 7 March 2017

Facebook: Nick Daws reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

TSG did an excellent job when replacing the transom windows on my front door, matching the existing original design and colours in the door almost perfectly. They were prompt and professional in their service and installation, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Nick Daws | 7 March 2017

Facebook: Ailsa Hay reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

Great service and product. Kim fixed two leadlight windows and they look great!

Ailsa Hay | 7 March 2017

Facebook: Sue Carland reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

Sue Carland The work done to restore the lead light in my front door was faultless. Steel rods were added when the window was replaced to strengthen the window. The work was done quickly with minimal impact. I have no qualms in recommending this company.

Sue Carland | 7 March 2017

Dear Kym,

I have been meaning to touch base with you some for some time regarding the work you did at our house in Mt Lawley.

Your work is, quite simply, the pride and joy of our home.

We cannot thank you enough for creating a stunning door-set, which is indistinguishable from the original fan-light we asked you to base your design upon.
The result is both period-authentic and timeless.

Your commitment to detail and customer satisfaction were excellent, and really set a high bar compared to any other trades we’ve dealt with during the course of our renovation.

We’ve gladly referred you to several friends of ours, and indeed, to mere acquaintances. In fact, last weekend while buying a fireplace from a federation home on Bulwer St, I provided your details to a Gumtree vendor who was about to embark on a renovation of her own. The fact that we know you’ll provide them with the same great service we’ve received, is reassuring and a source of pride for us.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards,

David Jones

David Jones | 7 March 2017

Facebook: Samson Horn reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

The TSG team did an extremely professional job on my door. I couldnt be more happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone. They were also kind enough to go out of their way to help me with my insurance job. Cheers guys! Have a great Christmas legends

Samson Horn | 7 December 2016

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Why would you be unsure about working with someone in our industry? – We discovered cheap glass and low quality products on the market at other places. We don’t know the origins or durability.

What made you decide to work with us? – TSG showed us their factory floor, the design process, high quality and large supply of glass and samples, his artistic pieces (which show this is not just a window factory but an art studio!) and Kim’s partnering approach to design.

What specifically do you now love about buying from us? – All of the above plus he is quite conveniently located near Fremantle. Price was very fair – not the lowest but was the most exceptional value.

Who would you recommend us too? Already have recommended to our builder who has experience with period houses.

Stuart Gordon | 17 October 2016

Hi Kim,

Thank you again for the beautiful stain glass windows designed and crafted for our family crypt at Karrakatta. We are all very happy with your service and product and will be sure to recommend you to family and friends.

Kind regards,

Maria Mosole

Maria Mosole | 14 October 2016

Kim, as requested some feedback and only too happy to provide it.

Why would you be unsure about working with someone in our industry?

Q1, Not sure that the outcome you get at the finish is actually what you wanted to achieve

What made you decide to work with us?

Q2, Tried another vendor, they did not seem interested in our business and made no absolutely attempt to help us with a design as TSG have done from the start.

What specifically do you now love about buying from us?

Q3, The involvement in helping us choose a design and then following thru and showing us what we will get before starting, the enthusiasm and help was very pleasing, on time to measure up, manufacture and install, quality of workmanship and finish was extremely pleasing. A pleasure to work with.

Who would you recommend us too?

Q4, Any person who sees the work that has been done at our home or tells us they are planning similar works, would not hesitate to direct them to TSG and am sure they would feel the same as we do with the outcome.

Kim to you and Simon, thanks for the great work you have done for us and without any worries or headaches.

Kind Regards and Much Appreciated

Keith and Dale Manson


Keith and Dale Manson | 6 October 2016

“Kim skilfully designed and oversaw the installation of five stained glass windows to our house.
The rooms in which the glass was installed now give optimal privacy plus add the ‘wow factor’ to each room. The stained glass windows are aligned with the aesthetics of a house that is over 100 years old and we still, many months after their installation, appreciate their unique and timeless beauty”.

Best wishes,

Paul and Julie

Paul and Jodie | 28 September 2016

Dear Kim,

Glenn Muskett

Chief Executive – Braemar

Glenn Muskett – CEO Braemar | 1 September 2016

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Very easy to deal with, happy with work done and received order within timeframe required. Pleasure to work with.

Michelle | 19 August 2016

To Kim and Simon,

the glass looks absolutely fantastic – it has exceeded our expectations!

Also really appreciate the installation work that Simon did – very impressed.

I’ll send you through some photos when it has had a final coat of paint, but it already looks beautiful.

Many thanks for you skills and patience!

5 bradshaw

Karen and Ian

Karen and Ian Bradshaw | 19 August 2016

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Why would you be unsure about working with someone in our industry? I wouldn’t. I like the artistic process, and the old world charm of the traditional work. What made you decide to work with us? Researching on-line, we liked your philosophy and checked out your examples. Visiting you and talking through options confirmed to us you were right for us. What specifically do you now love about buying from us? The workmanship and getting a well designed door. Also, you delivered on your promised schedule. I like that we gave you some freedom on design too. Who would you recommend us to? Anyone with a window or a door.

Frankie R | August 2016

Kim & Tanya,

sure enjoyed doing Attached testimonial. Hope it serves you all!

Warm rgds to you all….

Ken Wildy (Stained Glass Artist)

Click link below to read;

Ken Wildy – Pick an artist

Ken Wildy | 20 July 2016

Hi there Kim,

The repair work to my two doors with damaged lead light inserts was carried out very proficiently. I would recommend your company to anybody seeking similar work. I found your company on the internet and got a quick response to my enquiry.

Andrew Long   Como.=

Andrew Long | 8 May 2016

Hi Kim,

A note to say thank you to you and your guys for an amazing job restoring my leadlights.  It has exceeded my expectations.

Simon has just finished installing it and I cannot stop admiring it.  Thank you again.

I will definitely be recommending your services in the future.



Vivien Wong | 26 April  2016

Hi Kim,

What did you think of the Custom Homes article?
If only your work of art in the parlor had been installed …

A few thoughts spring to mind …

The dramatic impact of light through glass … it can create an atmosphere, invoke memories from the past, ignite new possibilities and set the stage for mystery and intrigue. But only a highly skilled artisan can compose and evolve the journey from concept to completion. Kim Fitzpatrick has been pivotal in drawing on his extensive knowledge from ancient glass glass-smiths of bygone times to restore my majestic antique French Cathedral stained glass window to its current magnificence. It holds center stage in the creation of my Castle in the Sand, and from this beautiful icon, we set the direction for more works of art in glass through the rest of the house. Kim took my ideas and brought them to light, and even when my ideas had never been done before, he went where no-one had been before and the results were exactly how I had envisioned …. stunning and unique!
Words don’t suffice … pictures tell a thousand words, and even more in real life.
I know my home would not have the same depth of ambience and atmosphere if not for our amazing works of glass art.

.. .Maybe lots of thoughts 💟


Tani Richards | 13 April 2016

Hi Kim,

We love the glass and how you melded the old with new! Thanks so much!

Nancy Mayberry

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

We are delighted with our new front door panels created by Traditional Stained Glass. Kim and his team restored some old windows and created a set of new door panels to complement them. We relied on the expertise of TSG for this project – we really had no idea about how to combine old and new glass, but the result is fantastic! I guess this is what you get from true professionals! To top it off, the glass was ready on time and on budget! And the fitting was completed quickly and professionally, many thanks to TSG.

Nancy M.


Nancy Mayberry | 4 April  2016

Facebook: Janine A Carter reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

Kim & his team did an amazing job on our windows. Having a heritage home we were anxious that they were in keeping with the pre 1900 style, we certainly weren’t disappointed! Everyone says how beautiful they are & they look like they have always been here.
Again Kim thank you for your amazing eye for detail, we shall return for more soon!

Janine & Steve

Janine A Carter | 18 March 2016

Hi there,

I would recommend Tradition Stained Glass. They responded very promptly to my enquiry, as did the other stained glass repair companies. The stand out difference for me was the recommendation of minor changes to the supporting structure of our broken stained glass window. Their expertise not only repaired my stained glass in my front door, but they improved it. They did a great, professional and prompt service at a reasonable price.

Shona Bright

Shona Bright | 18 March 2016

Google review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Kim has taken out all our 70 year old lead light windows from our house and restored them to better than new. We are thrilled with the result and very happy with the price. A big thank you to Kim and all the team

Les Tyndall | 11 Feb 2016

Hi Kim,

Thank you so very much for our amazing window! We absolutely love it. Thanks for making the whole process so simple and professional and easy. We can’t wait to move in, so we can enjoy your beautiful artwork everyday!

Many thanks,


David & Josie Matsen | 12 January 2016

Hi Kim,

We found the installer to be excellent. He was proficient and polite.
Our experience throughout the process of selecting a design and having the window installed was excellent.
Most importantly we are thrilled with the window itself. We have had so many people say to us how lovely it is, and what a perfect way it is to remember my beloved mum.
Through this image you have somehow captured what my Mum was really like, and in some small way she continues to be a presence within our church family.
Thank you so much,


Trish Webb | 12 November 2015

Houzz Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

We work with Kim regularly and his passion, enthusiasm, commitment to great work and artistry is exceptional. His work is designed to meet a variety of tastes, themes and styles and handmade from scratch.

Cockburn Joinery | 5 November 2015

Hi Kim,

Thank you for my beautiful windows they look amazing, the colours are perfect I love them. Your offsider and your daughter were really great.

Feeling really happy.


Rose and Paul | 14 August 2015

Hi Kim,

I wanted to let you know that now that I have been in the home for a few weeks and I love the glass, and hence the entry, more and more each day. I painted the inside the steel blue and it looks amazing! It brings out totally different colours in the glass from the outside perspective. It is perfect coming down those stairs and every time seeing that piece of art.

Very happy customer and so glad I saved up and did it. Getting lots of comments of course!


Dannielle | 16 June 2015

Hi Kim and Tanya,

We love our new door.

It’s just exactly what I wanted. The light coming through to the hallway lifts the whole front of the house.

Thank you so much!

Regards Connagh

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Kim and his team repaired some old internal leadlights and created a new front door leadlight panel to match. They did everything from start to finish – design to installation. And they sourced the jarrah door frame. We are extremely pleased with the service and result. Fully recommend them!

Connagh Hopkins| 15 June 2015

Facebook: Kerry Stove reviewed Tradition Stained Glass & Leadlights Perth – 5 star

Absolutely stunning work. Can’t wait to come back to Perth to see it in person and maybe have a little purchase!

Kerry Stove | 10 March 2015

Hi Kim,

We are so thrilled with our window and waste a lot of time just looking at it and have had many favourable comments about it. Thank you.
The young man who installed it was a very pleasant person too.

My only regret is that we didn’t have a bigger window!


Sue Ridgway | 5 January, 2015

Hi Kim,

I am happy to report the window was safely installed this morning.

It looks absolutely unbelievably breathtaking and the photos attached (taken with an iphone) don’t even begin to do it justice – I almost cried it is so beautiful.

All the builders and tradies stopped in their tracks when they saw it and wanted to take photos!!

The bathroom is not finished yet (and is much lighter than it looks here) but the slots you can see in the wall beneath the window will be small shelves of the granite and the taps have crystal handles.

I will take some better photos on the weekend when the light is hitting it and with a proper camera and will take some more in a couple of weeks when everything else is finished.

A million thanks…it was worth the wait.


Donna Bartlett | 7 November 2014

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to say thank you for the magnificent job you did with the window, it is truly a beautiful piece of art that will be displayed proudly at the College.

Thank you.


Mark Weston – Head of Yr 12 – Aquinas College | 31 October 2014

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

We didn’t have any prior experience with leadlight. Kim listened, had great ideas and was passionate about his craft. What specifically do you now love about buying from us? You should see our door and side panels, they are a work of art. Who would you recommend us too? Everyone who visits.

Gerrie Vandepeer | 24 October 2014

Hi Kim,

We have had the pleasure and privilege of dealing with Tradition Stained Glass over a period of approximately 24 years

Their stained glass and leadlight glasswork is second to none, as is their service, customer rapport and attention to detail.

We are absolutely delighted with our latest works of glass art, one is a magnificent picture window of Australian parrots and Australian flora, the other a beautiful array of Iceland poppies, complementing a bifold door.

We have had many other magnificent traditional leadlight windows installed, and look forward to the completion of our next project which is now underway.

We would highly recommend Traditional Stained Glass for any leadlight or stained glass projects you may be contemplating.


Pam and Paul Moran | 2014

Hi Kim,

Our power was turned on yesterday and we saw the front door back lit for the first time last night…… All I can say is….WOW, WOW and more WOWs….
The stained glass looks fab – the colours are brilliant!!
You will love it……


Orla Lyons | 7 May, 2014

Hi Kim,

We are still being overwhelmed with our 5 beautiful windows especially when the sun shines through them throwing off beautiful shades of colour into the rooms. Simon was extremely professional and left everything neat and tidy.


Delma Wheatley | 7 May, 2014

Hi Kim,

What can I say … wow! The table is completely amazing, and I couldn’t stop looking at it last night. The glass has come up perfectly, and complements the base in the most magnificent way. True artistry, and will surely give us many years of enjoyment. The only thing now … I’m not sure I will be able to live with it sitting outside … we are about to renovate the house, and I suspect it might have to take pride of place as our main dining table, with the rest of the house built around it!!


Phil | 29 April, 2014

These panels are amazing, they have truly lifted our home. You have matched the colours and textures perfectly to the original fanlight, and recreated the pattern in the side panels which I didn’t think would be possible – we love the blue orb in the middle of each.
I am in awe of your skill, they are truly wonderful.

Thank you very much.

Simon Hall | 16 April, 2014

Dear Kim,

We would like to take the opportunity to let you know how thrilled Tracey and I are with the beautiful stained glass work you have done for our home.
From the outset, when we first visited your studio and looked through the portfolios, we have been very excited by the prospect of having one of your art works in our house. We were both very impressed, and reassured, by the way you put us at ease with your approach to establishing the commission. Your willingness to listen to our ideas, and use these to guide us through the various examples of your work, left us confident that once we had decided on a thematic idea, we could trust you to produce an original design of exceptional quality that compliments the environment in our home beautifully.

Can’t wait to see it in the morning.

Amanda Wira | 15 April, 2014

Hi Kim,
Just sending you a quick e-mail regarding the stained glass that you had put in. We can’t tell you how pleased we are with them as they compliment the house beautifully. Thank you so much for the effort, as we do realise the amount of pressure we put you through. Never-the-less, they are so beautiful to look at and your staff were excellent as well.
Thanks again

Mr & Mrs Arridhas | 17 March, 2014

Hi Kim,
Everyone has just left. Thanks so much for a brilliant job, for fitting us in at short notice and for finishing when you said would. Your efforts in this have been exemplary and are very much appreciated
Thanks again

Ian Lee | 16 December, 2013

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars

Kim Fitzpatrick and his team created a magnificent fused glass entrance door for my renovated home, and everyone who visits remarks on how stunning it looks! The colours and design fill me with joy every day. Thankyou for creating such a unique and beautiful work of art! And that’s not all! Tradition Stained Glass created a dramatic, eye-catching fused glass window for my guest bathroom, which fills the room with colour and light. I believe that these two pieces have made my home very distinctive and welcoming! I highly recommend TSG for their artistry in anything to do with glass!

Janet Cheeseman, Attadale

Janet Cheeseman | 28 October 2013

Hi Kim,
You and your team are true artisans! The entry door and bathroom window are magnificent!!! These will be treasured for generations to come. I can’t wait to show Sam Theo (Architect) to see them installed!! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I am most grateful. You are a STAR!!!
Thanks again

Janet | 25 October 2013

Yellow Pages Review ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 out of 5 stars.

We had a great experience with Tradition Stained Glass, they designed a beautiful outdoor stained glass window on one side of our verandah, making our verandah a beautiful and semi-private outdoor ‘room’. The design fit in beautifully with the existing stained glass windows in our Federation home and the jarrah frame was very well made as well.

Brad Johnson | 20 September 2013

Hi Kim,
We’ve been watching the glass changing this evening as the light outside changed. We love our windows, thank you. We didn’t expect they would change so much as the outside light changed. We also didn’t anticipate the little bits of glass that sparkle in the light – they look beautiful. You were right, you really need to see them in situ, and the windows are even better than we both expected.
Thanks again

Donna and Mac | North Fremantle | 17 February 2012

Thanks Kim,
For transforming my house into a place of beauty. I used to live in a 50 year old house with large rooms & big windows with ocean & bush outlooks. When I downsized to somewhere small & modern I was impressed by the cleanliness & labour saving design, but two of the bedrooms had privacy windows making the rooms seem even smaller with the doors closed. Kim drew up some window designs, & when installed, the rooms became a delight appearing larger with the different coloured lights shining through, yet still retained privacy. Next on the list was the bathroom’s huge cloudy window adjacent to the spa, my bathroom now resembles a desirable magazine advertisement. Then came the western facing front door which led into a dark hallway. A large section of wood from the door was removed by one on Kim’s craftsman & a beautiful original piece illustrating Kim’s artistic talent was inserted. My hallway is now a much lighter & more pleasant place to be in, reflecting the deep rich colours used in this piece, afternoons are now something special with colourful ever changing reflections lighting the area. Everyone who has viewed all this work, especially the front door is amazed & impressed by the skill & artistry displayed.
Thanks again Kim,

Barbara McCarthy | North Fremantle | 10 January 2012

































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