TSG was commissioned to create a set of new Art Glass creations for behind the alter, prayer room and a custom-made Fused Art Glass font with LED lighting to illuminate from underneath.

From the very outset of the first meeting the relationship with Gill, Belinda and Kim was special. They were all were very excited about creating this unique set of special symbolic pieces of Art Glass for the Church. Kim’s unique flair for creating stunning Art Glass creations sold the church on the fact they had the right guy and team to execute this project from beginning to end. “I love the challenge of large projects” Kim explains, and I love working with colour and more colour I love layering my works with multiple firings to create amazing kaleidoscopes of in-depth colour and texture. “It’s this love of colour that helped me to create these spiritual windows of Diversity and Hope. From the get-go, I was given free reign to be creative and work my colours in a meaningful way that kept to the Faith and understanding within the brief. My Mixing Palette of glass colours from the oceans deepest blues through to the new generation of growth in the greens and then onto the hope of the sun with yellows, oranges and reds. These windows for me, celebrate all that life is and can be. If you look closely, we also have added abstract fish swimming and diving through the elements representing abundance” Kim explains.

Apart from making these large feature art glass windows TSG also created a one off colourful custom Art Glass font. The same theme carried through to this amazing bowl of life and the LED lighting really helps to illuminate the creation for an amazing christening experience.

As a leading Art Glass studio in Australia, TSG specialise in all varieties of art styles and custom made designs to suit specifically what their customers requirements may be. Whether its commercial or a private residence that wants something completely unique and one off for them, you can be rest assured the team at TSG will work tirelessly to create an amazing illuminated Art Glass feature for an existing window or a feature on a specific wall, being inside or out, they have all the know how to facilitate your request.

All the team at TSG would like to thank the Kingsley Parish for allowing us the honour of working and creating this amazing Art Glass works and hope Belinda is now looking down admiring all the efforts she made in making the project a reality. Both Gill and Belinda were amazing to work with and both put so much time and effort into collaborating their thoughts and visions with us. This made the whole process so much easier to interpret what they wanted to convey on behalf of the Church.

Thanks again and from all the team at TSG! We wish you many years of enjoyment from the inspirational windows of life.