Hi Kim,
We’ve been watching the glass changing this evening as the light outside changed. We love our windows, thank you. We didn’t expect they would change so much as the outside light changed. We also didn’t anticipate the little bits of glass that sparkle in the light – they look beautiful. You were right, you really need to see them in situ, and the windows are even better than we both expected.
Thanks again

Donna and Mac | from North Fremantle17 | February, 2012

Thanks Kim,
For transforming my house into a place of beauty. I used to live in a 50 year old house with large rooms & big windows with ocean & bush outlooks. When I downsized to somewhere small & modern I was impressed by the cleanliness & labour saving design, but two of the bedrooms had privacy windows making the rooms seem even smaller with the doors closed. Kim drew up some window designs, & when installed, the rooms became a delight appearing larger with the different coloured lights shining through, yet still retained privacy. Next on the list was the bathroom’s huge cloudy window adjacent to the spa, my bathroom now resembles a desirable magazine advertisement. Then came the western facing front door which led into a dark hallway. A large section of wood from the door was removed by one on Kim’s craftsman & a beautiful original piece illustrating Kim’s artistic talent was inserted. My hallway is now a much lighter & more pleasant place to be in, reflecting the deep rich colours used in this piece, afternoons are now something special with colourful ever changing reflections lighting the area. Everyone who has viewed all this work, especially the front door is amazed & impressed by the skill & artistry displayed.
Thanks again Kim,

Barbara McCarthy | North Fremantle | 10 January, 2012


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