Stained Glass Perth

Brightly coloured glass held together with infinitesimal care, created by dedicated artists with an imaginative approach can have a mesmerising effect – whether it be on tall windows inside a medieval cathedral or in a modern 21st century home.

This type of art glass is steeped in tradition and has been the mainstay in churches and cathedrals going as far back as ancient Rome. In Europe, the art of Stained glass reached its height between 1150 and 1500 AD when magnificent pieces were created for large cathedrals. A 12th Century German monk and metalworker who called himself Theophilus, is said to have provided the first texts on glaziers and stained glass artists.

The beauty of using stained glass in an artistic medium is that it utilises natural light. In her book, The History of Stained Glass, Virginia Chieffo Raguin aptly describes the beautiful art work in Cathedrals as ‘ translucent tapestries’. She says that, ‘The process of making stained glass has changed very little over the centuries. Theophilus’ treatise still holds good if one wants to gain a basic understanding of the steps required to make sheets of transparent coloured glass.’

The modern day stained glass artist draws upon years of knowledge and research at their disposal to create complex and wonderful work. As one such modern day artists, TSG Artists in Glass are not only steeped in tradition, but come with complete scientific knowledge and understanding of glass chemistry.

With over a hundred years of history behind us, we have evolved with the times. Our contemporary stained glass work in Perth showcases some outstanding pieces of art which uses the same basic but with current knowledge, techniques, style and design to create unique pieces of art work in glass.

New practices and recent developments in stained glass techniques reflect not only new types of glass but also the adaptation of techniques from other creative disciplines such as fused, slumped or bonded glass. The importance of space, movement in design and the canopy of colour with subtle variations in tone can create an impact that is incredibly powerful.

At Tradition Stained Glass our approach to work is unique. We do not merely translate the drawings from paper to work. We take into account factors like environment, lighting, position and adaptability of the design to the purpose. Examples of our technique can be seen in commercial establishments like the Crown Casino and the Parliament House in Perth. Several upmarket homes around Perth and Western Australia have sought our designs to beautify their residences.

Fashions change and manners evolve but the beauty of art is that it never ceases to strike a chord of happiness in the spectator. Our subjects are varied from the very traditional and ecclesiastical to the ultra- modern spontaneity of abstract art. Glass provides a medium of expression which allows exploration. Virtually any design you want can be translated into stained glass.

Kim Fitzpatrick, Creative Director and owner of TSG will work with you from conception to completion to make your dreams in glass come true.

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