Leadlight Perth

Leaded glass is among the oldest glazing techniques that is still widely used today. This medium is not only very durable, lasting hundreds of years but also very functional and versatile. Usually, leaded glass is used in decorative windows made of small sections of glass supported in lead cames. Lead cames support the glass and also add rhythm and scale to the composition . It was quite popular and commonly found in homes built between 1860 and 1930. Leaded glass has been found to be quite useful in estimating the age of a building.

Many European buildings, especially in 16th Century England, were well known for their extensive lead lighting. Artisans in those days did not have access to large sheets of glass, so they often used different bits of glass and the irregular glinting surface became a distinctive feature of old European houses.

With the progress of time and advancement in technology, leadlight architecture has become commercialised and diverse. From the simple geometric motifs, today’s designs can be done in more intricate patterns in accordance with the client’s wishes. Marc Chagall loved artwork in glass. His work in the synagogues of the Hadassah- Hebrew University Medical Centre in Jerusalem executed in 1960-62 are a testimony to the creative genius of this artist’s glass craftsmanship.

Difference between lead light and stained glass

Technically, there is not much difference between lead lights and stained glass. Leaded glass refers to strips of lead that bind cut glass pieces together. Made up of separate pieces of glass, cut out individually and assembled with a matrix of lead in between, it is then soldered, puttied and polished to form a uniform whole. Although it was traditionally used for ecclesiastical work, leadlight can be very contemporary. They can be used in backlit walls, counter fronts or on large or small windows. Concealed or opaque lighting lends a subtle but lush atmosphere to a room which can be quite calming.

At Tradition Stained Glass, we will work with you to create the item that meets your requirements precisely. If you have a design in mind, we can create computer generated versions of the design adding any combination of glass, colours and textures. We will help you with choosing the most appropriate type of glass suitable for your project.

When designing in leaded glass, we pay careful attention to the specific requirements dictated by the positioning of the glass object – whether it be mirrors, windows, lampshades or skylights.

We can match new to existing lead lights and also restore and repair existing lead lights.

If you want to make a statement about your home or place of work, lead lights offer a superb option to rise above the ordinary. With carefully articulated colour balance, lead lights created by Tradition Stained Glass in Perth can add stunning value to your property. We do commissioned work for large and small clients to suit your taste and budget.

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