Corporate Gifts, Perth

How do you impress a client who already possesses everything? It is hard to fight competition in business. Quite often today’s brazen world of hard hitting and cut throat marketing tactics leave one with a bad taste in the mouth. Far from being enticing, in your face advertising can actually have the opposite effect and turn your clients away. In such circumstances how can you keep your business on top of your client’s minds – and always within their sight?

If you skip on advertising campaigns in newspapers, magazines and radio or television channels you have not only saved yourself a big chunk of money, you have also bought yourself the luxury of doing something else. By replacing old and hackneyed marketing routines with something that is personal and yet innovative, you run a better chance of retaining and growing business relationships.

Corporate gift wares are the perfect solution. In Perth and around Australia, there are many reasons why businesses and small corporates prefer giving a little personalized gift to their preferred clients. First, it is personal, secondly it is unique and finally the gift will hopefully sit in the client’s office space or home to remind him of your business every time they glance that way.

Tradition Stained Glass creates unique glassware that are stunning to behold. Crafted in spectacular colours and shapes, each piece is handmade and completely unique. We have an endless variety from small baubles and miniscule pieces to gorgeous glass bowls and large mirrors. If you have an idea and would like us to custom make it for you, we would be only too happy to help.

Working in glass is an intricate art and Tradition Stained Glass has a legacy of over a hundred years in this business. We know all there is to know about art glass and yet we are still learning. At TSG you will find modern machines alongside quaint old apparatus which was used over a century ago. We value every piece of art glass we create. Our team of artists and creators do what they do, because they are passionate about their art. Our specialized knowledge and experience enables us to create glassware which is versatile, dynamic and of international standard. We are equally comfortable working on large scale corporate glass giftware as well as creating one off unique and customized products.

Please visit our gallery to view some samples of our work. Alternatively, you can also give us a quick call on xxxx xxx xxx. It is also possible to visit our showroom with prior appointment.

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