Art Glass

Anything made of glass instantly brings beauty, décor and a sense of transience to a room. Because glass has certain properties, it can take on various shapes and contours that render it an excellent art form. When heated, glass can take on any shape or form and colour can be added to give it infinite variety.

All glass is mainly made from silica, sand, quartz, flint or crystal. There are three main types of glass – soda glass, potash and lead glass – each with its own characteristic. When making hand made glass, a blob of molten glass is usually picked up with the help of a blow pipe and the blown into a bubble shape.

The natural colour of glass is transparent with bluish, greenish or yellowish tinge. This is caused by impurities in the raw materials. This type of glass is further refined by either taking away the colouration and making it pristine and crystal clear or adding diffused colours to enhance the artifact.

Glass has evolved vastly over time. At Tradition Stained Glass we create both the age old ecclesiastical art work in glass along with beautiful modern features created with the latest in art glass technology. While flowers, nature and birds seem to be very popular designs in leaded and stained glass, modern asymmetrical designs which portray art style and movement are becoming increasingly popular.

At TSG, we use fused and slumped glass. Fused glass is that which has been fired in the kiln and then joined or ‘fused’ together by welding. The first steps in creating a design or object is the pattern. The pattern is first hand drawn and then marked on to the sheet of glass. The lines are traced from the paper onto the glass using careful cutting technology.

Decorative panels, sinuous curves in brilliant colours, unusual objects d’art like surf boards and wall mounts are all trademarks of our creative capabilities. We like to think out of the box when it comes to creating designs for our clients. When working in glass we employ a wide variety of techniques which include cameo carving, freeform blowing and enameling. Our designs in art glass make beautiful statements in your home or office. Because we do not mass produce, each piece is crafted with care and is unique.

While the purpose of art glass is more decorative than functional, at TSG we can create serviceable and handy pieces in glass which add a touch of class. We use slumped and fused glass, hand blown glass and etched glass for our designs. As fashions in glass change and technology evolves, our contemporary art glass becomes known for its hand wrought aspects and its individual creativity.

It is not surprising that art glass is coming back into fashion. They can add stunning value to any property. TSG has established a proven methodology for manufacturing large kiln formed art glass murals. Please visit our gallery to have a look at these unique creations.

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